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Yoko Ono is delightful and every time somebody over 35 or 40 makes a joke about how Yoko stinks, or Yoko’s bad at singing, or Yoko’s crazy, or Yoko broke up the Beatles… Every time that happens, a child is born and that child will help to overthrow the baby boomer hubris-fueled patriarchal institution that perpetuates jokes that aren’t funny and that just come from false premises SUCH AS ‘Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles’, SUCH AS ‘The Doors were good’, SUCH AS ‘Eric Clapton seemed like a good guy you’d just want to hang out with and hear his tunes and his stories.’ And that’s all FIDDLE FADDLE!

—Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week #151 (via dianaprosperity)

(via julieklausner)

Many Moons Redux


Adam Gopnik on news that Pluto may be accepted back into the club of planets:

“Having many moons, apparently, helps make you a planet in the eyes of people on other ones, as having children was once said to make you an adult. One’s planetary distinction is redeemed,…

Team Pluto.



Happy Bike To Work Day!


Happy Bike To Work Day!


George Saunders is the best, his new book is a pretty much perfect set of life instructions, and that’s all I have to say about that. I wish I were more like him and admire the shit out of him.